I have a couple folders that I’d like to backup on a regular basis. 

This seems like a pretty simple task, but I tried it. Not so simple.

Apple Time Machine was a pain in the ass to use and so complex. Also your files are locked into the APFS file system.

There are cloud backups like Cobian etc… Those require monthly storage charges. My data is under someone else’s control, and they require an internet connection for the duration of the backup. In addition, I have a cap on my home internet usage, so … nope.

Other backup solutions were available, but highly complex. Some stored your data in proprietary formats. All were closed source. So, I wrote my own.

I present to you … EZBKUP!

Its a Python script using 99% standard Python modules. No installation necessary. Just download and unzip the file. Place the 3 files together in the folder of your choice, and run the EZBKUP.py file. Done. 

The backups are stored as BZIP2 compressed TARBALLs. This means their true paths are preserved, file size is significantly reduced, and they are stored in widely compatible standard formats. 

Once you’ve got the backup running the way you like it, execute it with the ‘-q’ flag for quiet operation. This can be added to any scheduler on your system. 

This script has been tested and works on the latest versions of MacOS, Windows, Windows Server, and Linux (I tested on VOID linux which is great, but no reason why it would not work elsewhere)

Download Here

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