A Sense of Purpose

Most of the time I’m distracted. There are Things to Do. TM. Errands to run. People to consider. Bills to Pay. Projects at work.
Thats Level 1.
And then I think Why do I do it? Why do all that stuff? Or even anything at all?
I look at “Natural” environments. Jungles. Plains. Whats happening there?
Looks like animals are fucking each other when they can. Eating when that can. And fighting when they have to (or feel like it 🙂 ).
Our society is not so different. We put a bunch of abstractions in between us and the natural world. Because we are “evolved”. We are intelligent. But it really still seems like more of the same when you get down to it. We go to work to eat and to get money that will allow us to attract mates. Other than that we do what we feel like doing because it pleases us to do so.
That is what we know. Those are hard facts. And it also seems so superficial.
This intelligence that we have makes us feel special (are we or not? That’s a different question. I’m not sure we could even tell since we’re using the very brain that were trying to analyze). This special feeling lets us know that we are not destined for the simple existence of frogs and goats and lions.
Is there another layer? Something else at work?
Religion and spirituality. These are tools that we have invented to scratch this really-hard-to-reach itch. They confirm that we are special. And that we are more than just a random chemical reaction that appeared and is destined to fade away. They give us Purpose. And that is a need just like hunger or sleep.
You don’t need religion for purpose. You can focus on things closer to home. But religion is so good at being a purpose. Its never ending.
Ahab got his whale.
But with religion, you’ll never beat the game.

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