Film – The Big List

Film is a powerful medium. I find that really good movies linger with you like a smell for the next few days. I’ll find myself thinking “How would Antoine Doinel handle this situation?” I’ll  be shoveling gravel in the front yard and think “Those fuckers on the Death Star really got whats coming to them.” (Hint: there are no innocents when you’re working in a building called the Death Star. Unless they didn’t know the name. Or they were conscripted. Or they were working under duress. Or…)
SO. Without the fanfare, here is the list of Cinematic Masterpieces that really touched me.

P.S. They are in no particular order as this is a stream of thought list, and also I want to keep it exciting for the reader.

Leon (The Professional)
Interstellar (I have to say how much I loved the innovative Math/Science from this. The “Love” angle really is kind of lame though. Irregardless..)
Blade Runner : Director’s Cut
Without the Director’s Cut, you kind of get lost, and many of the deeper themes are not available to you. Studios thought that dumbing it down was better for the average consumer. I say challenge these fuckers to think and engage at every turn. But then again, I don’t have millions on the line.
City of God
Pan’s Labyrinth
The 400 Blows
Pale Flower
Big Trouble in Little China
“The Check’s in the Mail.”
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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