The Sins of The Father

All wrongs must be righted.
Its simple, but profound if one considers
The implied balance. This is how the universe works.
The intent. For someone must DO the righting.
It’s not that some external force is mandating this balance. We’re in a closed system. We have finite energy. It’s the nature of such systems to maintain a balance state. So there we are. With this force. Recycling over and over. Sometimes good, but often bad. But always striving for that low energy state. Until the Great Heat Death of course.
And if this balance must be maintained, who will do it? Which one of all the little engineers, and accountants, and crossing guards, and PTA presidents will bear the burden? Well, the law is pretty simple here too. You must bear your own; other burdens optional.
But. What about all the leftovers? The unpaid debts? Who’s name is on the bill?
It’s the same name that opened the tab. It’s a deep name. Not the superficial one that your friends shout at you when the party gets hairy, and its time to go. This is a deep name given to you by time. And Mother Nature.
The Spanish have cottoned on a bit. They can trace generations of lineage in their names. Jose de Francisco Valdez De Corazcon Negro Humberto Castaneda. The names of my father. Mother. Theirs. And theirs again. And this is written in every cell of your body. Strands developed over time. Tested, researched, thrown out and changed to make you who you are today. At least thats what they said on CSI Miami.
That name. That’s whats on the bill.  You did it before you were even born, and all debts must be paid.
But, once you’re paid off. Your generations will also be paid off.
And that is the best that Humanity can do.
Pay those debts, and plan for retirement.

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