The Dark Thread to Eden

Brother, I tell ya. That old idea keeps creeping up again and again.
Like it’s built into my very conciousness. Hard fucking wired.
No matter how I try, it always comes back to good/evil, dark/light. Here I am thinking about fear. It’s a real turn off. Some people are scared to go one way, some the other. But some… Some are even scared to choose. Hung up on opportunity cost I suppose. And it really is such bullshit.
Here I sit. Judging them. But the fear I see; the Silent Killer, can also save lives.
I suppose that it just seems against the very nature of the universe to avoid change.
And maybe they have a purpose.
Lions would starve without Lambs. But here’s the kicker. Lambs would also starve without Lions.
Even now, as I reconcile these characters, the duality comes back.
It’s just a shortcut, I suppose. But what can you do when even your brain is lazy?
I’m running on an ancient BIOS. Stuck together with Caveman semen and carved in 4 Amino Acids.
Its ironic really.

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