Investigate Suspicous Emails in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 +

Much like Dr. Strangelove, I’ve finally stopped worrying and come to love the ribbon interface (its just a standard menu only really wide). There is a huge shortcoming in Outlook security-wise that seems to have been lost in translation from Outlook 2003.
One used to be able to right-click on suspicious emails and view their headers to make sure that the sender was legit and all certificates were on the up-and-up. In the recent versions, this has been relegated to 3 or 4 layers deep of menus. Apparently, the average Joe does not investigate emails so it was considered clutter (thanks for all those oblivious people contributing to the Microsoft feedback program).
Anyhow, I have created a custom icon group on the standard Outlook toolbar that restores this ability for you. Once you import the Ribbon customization, you will be presented with the exact OEM standard Microsoft default config PLUS my special investigate group for those suspicious messages.
Please remember that when importing customizations, that it will remove your existing ribbon so if you want to keep that, you can export it first.

Download Outlook Investigate below:



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