Poke! that port…

We are always using telnet to test TCP port availability, and it is almost always available. In the event that it is not, or you want something a little more robust, I have been playing around with a script that I found on serverfault here:

poke.ps1 is a cmdlet written in powershell to tell you whether or not a TCP port is open on a particular host.



./poke.ps1 HOST_IP PORT
If you want to test a range of ports just add an additional end to the port range as follows:
It currently does only TCP, but could easily be adapted for UDP with a couple keystrokes.

If you want to add an alias so that you don’t have to type the ./ or .ps1 everytime, use the following instructions:

  • First you need to setup your powershell profile, if you haven’t done so already.
  • Create a directory where you want to keep your aliased scripts (I use c:\ps)
  • In your profile, add the following lines:
    $ps_script_dir = "c:\path\to\scripts"
    New-Alias <alias name> $ps_script_dir\<script name>
  • Open a new shell and you should be able to call your script by its alias

Additional Info
If you want to simply assign a one-liner, or a short snip of code to an alias, you don’t need to put it into a script file, as described above, you can simply create a function in your profile:

function someUsefulOneliner
    # your oneliner goes here
set-item -path alias:<alias name> -value someUsefulOneliner

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