Howdy, yall! Well, I just got my awesome new NeuTab W8 tablet on Amazon, and it is bitchin’. I actually sat on the couch with a bluetooth mouse/keyboard and was able to play League of Legends. Its like a whole new level of lazyness!
Anyhow, I did notice that the touchscreen on this thing was not very responsive. I was frequently missing letters during typing, and dragging was about 50/50 whether it would drag or click on a random screen element.
I found some tweaks regarding this on an xda forum for the windows registry. Lo and Behold, the touchscreen is now on par with my Lumia 925. I’m very surprised that NeuTab does not change these setting by default, but it may affect battery life, and what can you expect for 160 bucks?
Anyhow, I have written a PowerShell script to tweak them for you. It has been tested and works fine on my W8. It most likely can help on any tablet running Windows8/8.1.

4 thoughts on “TouchFix

  1. I am not computer savoy. The web browsers, firefox and chrome, will not let me downlload “Touchfix” for the Neutab. Can you help?

    1. James,
      Sometimes the browsers will show you a page of text instead of downloading the file. If that is the case, simply copy and paste the text into a new file on your machine with the extension of .PS1.
      If it IS actually downloading a file that you cant run, make sure that the .PS1 extension is appended to the end of the filename. For some reason I did see some downloads lose their file extension…

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