Cocaine and Plagarism

In the heat of the moment, everything went fuzzy. He was viewing the street like an old home movie with a bad focus knob, in and out pulsing with the blood in his ears. One foot hit the ground in slow motion, and Edgras was reminded of some dream long ago, of running and sinking in quicksand and the terrible fate underneath. Jarred, he realized that his right knee had now slammed into the pavement, and his body was instinctively starting to tuck and roll. Through all this, around him sparks shot from the cars and mailboxes, bright enough to be seen in the midday sunlight. Now, shade as he fully committed to the roll, and his torso blocked the heat for a split second. His training had saved him, but it had been long ago, and he finished the roll ungracefully stumbling forward with locked knees until finallly losing his balance and ending up face down near the curb.

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