Is the atom random? (Feeling guilty for the cat)

We don’t live in the same world. That’s not to say we aren’t standing in the same place. Physically. But things are relative to each other. And everything is especially relative to THE OBSERVER. Every person place, or thing is a combination of events. These events led it/his/her’s existence at this very state and at this very time. Each person has a different and independent path through existence, so no two things can be exactly alike to two different people. Thats not just things, but places, events. Everything is tinted with our own perspective.
Sometimes, the tint overlaps, and our previous attitude towards a reactant influences the idea of the product. This process repeats millions of times to form our worldview. Our own take on the world.
BUT. Who’s to say that what we see isn’t truth? We can only experience the world through our own senses. Our only idea of the world we live in comes through our senses and they are the bottleneck. Thus, our only view of reality is tinted by our only tools to measure it. We are literally each making our own reality moment to moment.
But as Heisenberg said,
The observer affects.

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