Gavrilo Princip and the nature of a split atom

The shadow life of mendicants has always been here. Like a parallel universe. just twisted a millimeter from our reality. It takes place on the same stage. The bright buildings we walk into cast cold parking lot shadows with newspapers pressed against the chainlinks. Our money, laws and rules are just extraneous in that undocumented wilderness.
They say that if you want to get away with a killing. With a murder, you should pick a time when you would normally be alone. Go to a movie, get a stub. Then you drive a few hours in a random direction. When you get there, check the usual spots; under passes, back alleys. You find one of the outcasts. The homeless panning for money. And you shoot them. Drive off, get some ice cream on the way home, and turn the radio up as you get on the highway.
They’re not all bad. We tend to think of them in terms of events. People that something has happened TO. Or lazy addicts mooching from the producers. But life is fickle. People stay busy to avoid the fact that its all a house of cards. Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you. Illness can bring that life. Too sick to work, but you can’t pay medical bills without a job. Sometimes its not even you that gets sick. Like in WWI! Someone close to you starts that downward trajectory, but love binds you together. You try to support them. You make sacrifices to ease thier experience. Then one day you wake up from that binge, and that as they say is that.
The realities of living off the grid are not always apparent. People look worn because that life will grind you down. A life like an old horse’s tooth. You find that out the first time you get robbed. Its almost funny, because what can they steal when you have nothing? Well, when you GOT nothing, anything is a plus. And beatings? That only happens once. Then, you get armed. But, you can’t watch all the time.

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