DualPane Windows Explorer

In data management, it is MUCH easier to use a dual-pane format for source and destination directories. Of course, you can always open 2 explorer windows and then select each one, and use WINDOWS+ left or right to dock it to the side of the screen. This is pretty tedious if you need to do it often. So, I wrote a script to automate it : DualPane. Just unzip it anywhere on your machine (no installation necessary!). Then, right click on the dualpane.bat file and create a shortcut for your desktop.
You MAY have to edit the batchfile to customize it for your computer and display.
* The script works perfectly on a 1366×768 resolution. On others, it will not function properly without modification. the /MOV uses top and left pixel coordinates (in that order) to position the window. The /SIZ sizes the window (width x height). You can experiment on your system’s resolution to get the sizing and positioning just right. For the advanced users, you can just use the command [cmdow /f /p] from the Dual Pane folder and note the values for your window there. Make sure that you size and position the window how you want it first since that command only returns the current size and position!
Shoutout: This script make use of CMDOW.exe from http://www.commandline.co.uk/cmdow/. Thanks Ritche Lawrence!

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