Pythaogoras Was Right!

We were created. I don’t mean that a Christian God literaly made a pile of dust into life. But here we are. Some call the process of creation evolution. That may be a general term for the process, but it does nothing to explain the origin. Life requires energy. It is cells in a state of constant state of imbalance. Without energy, the natural state of nature is stillness. One cell lived, divided, and died. Daughter cells did like wise creating and dying. Always copying a little bit of thier original “imbalance” to jumpstart new life. All of this proceeded to end up as us. All of this required a tremendous amount of energy. This energy created us, and this energy may be God. Maybe not a concious deity watching his (or her) creation, but an unexplainable spark that started the imbalance of life.
Being created from this energy, life must certainly bear a resemblence to it. Much like children resemble thier parents. Although life is in a constant state of flux (and thus evolution takes place) at any given moment, life is perfectly adapted to its environment. The evironment changes, then we change. Even during this catchup period of inter-change time, we are perfect, because we are right on the path to survival as another form. Over the broad view, there are periods of yet-to-be-adapted forms, but at any given point, there is local perfection.
Given that life is perfection at any given point, it would make sense to look at it for guidance in everyday life. It is claimed that God created us in his image. This may not be true in the literal sense that we look like a brown-haired bearded Jew, but rather that all like was created from his energy. His energy was the initial spark that created the First Imbalance. As I have said before, as children resemble the parent, so should we maintain a semblence of that initial spark.
This principle can be readily applied to man-made entities that attempt to replace or supplement a higher power. This especially can be applied to governments. Look at our body. It is a formulaic arrangement of molecules into organelles into cells into beings. Government is an arrangement of people into departments into the “Governement” as a whole. What is the ratio of Immune system cells to normal body cells? What is the ratio of haploid reproductive cells to the total cells in a body? Ad ratios are universal, we could easily apply this ratio to governmental departments. Immune cells can be looked at as law enforcement cells. They make sure that all the cells in the body are doing thier part, and that foreign cells that have no place are eliminated. Immune cells can be further broken down into lymphocytes, antibodies, etc.. Just like the CIA, FBI, and Police.
Similar behaviour between the two groups can already be observed. Infection makes the immune cell count go up. War (and the draft) makes the total number of soldiers and law enforcment go up.
What happens when the immune cells turn on the body as in autoimmune disorders? The body dies. Just like the collapse of a nations under military dictatorships.
The body has so many departments, and they all have to work together for the benefit of the whole. So must all parts of society work to benefit humanity at large. Now each part also requres more or less resource allocation. This is another important ratio along with total cell counts. The human brain uses 30%* of the total energy production of a normal functioning body. This balance has been achieved through millenia of testing. Any more, and the physical ability of the body suffers. Any less, and we wind up with strong idiots, that cant make tools or find food. Why not apply the resource allocation ratios to government as well?
The correlations are not always 1to1 or clear cut. Who is the “Brain” of the government? The legislature? Because they set the instructions for the rest of the “body”? Our congressmen routinely do not read the legislation that they pass, and usually are not the innovators of said bills. They appropriate ideas from subordinates, or lobbyists. Can you imagine, if the kidneys lobbied the brain for more resources? They would have to pull it from somewhere. Probably bone and muscle production. These kidneys become grossly oversized and under worked. They begin causing pressure on surrounding organs. Eventually, the body has brittle bones and weak muscles. It is unable to feed and nourish itself, and dies. The giant kidneys die along with it.

1 thought on “Pythaogoras Was Right!

  1. All answers lie within the body
    ratios for citizens vs soldiers
    white blood cells vs specialized body cells
    god made body in his own image
    god lives within you as blueprint
    create heaven
    evolution creates perfect ratios- golden ratio in shells

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