Qui Rêverai les Rêveurs?

What if we make our own Heaven? Sure, this life is a mission. Learn, eat, feel, experience. Because all of this is fuel. Fuel for our imagination, and building blocks of our heaven. And when you die, you sleep. An eternal sleep. An eternal dream. That is our heaven. And that very personal heaven is not only made of things we have seen and done, but also translations of those things. Mixtures and perversions based on our own lives. You think anything can happen because our imagination, which becomes real in heaven, is boundless. But, that is incorrect. Your imagination only uses things you have known to form things unknown. Can you imagine a whole new color? Imagine a completely made up creature. Does it have eyes? Feet? Hair? Scales? Although it may be completely fictional, it is made of things we already know, but in a new configuration. Imagine a completely novel object. That is a feat that few even attempt. It must be made of no known material. Must be a whole new color and shape. It is impossible, yet the configurations of what we know are infinite, and thus using the already known, our imagination is endless. Our afterlife is an infinite dream. It can contain anything you imagine. But ONLY that which you CAN imagine. Now, if by chance, you understand this concept in life, and you die, you are in your personal heaven. People are there. Unicorns, cavemen, thousand-tentacled deep dwellers. All things populating your heaven. And you know this concept of the afterlife. What happens when one of those things dies? Does it create its own personal heaven inside of yours? If man was created in God’s image then be very quiet and very still. Don’t wake him up.

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