Bokker Tov

The trip was brutal and unforgiving. I had around 7 hours of sleep in 3 days. This is in addition to the jet lag, and general weariness of carrying a 100 pound backpack around Madrid for 11 hours. I arrived at BenGurion airport at 6:30 am Tel Aviv time. I remember this, because the clock was the only thing in sight that I could actually read. I grabbed a train to a station near my hotel which was and I got to see the sunrise over a desert landscape. There was a man on the train with leather straps wrapped around his body. He had a small black box strapped to his head with said straps, and had a tasseled shawl wrapped around his shoulders. I was pretty sure he was praying because he kept reading from a small book and every few minutes, he would stand and bow.
The train pulled into a dirty station and people dressed for work were staring at me as I got off the train and looked around. This is probably because I looked like a filthy giant, but hey, I thought I was doing well for 3 days of no sleep or shower. I was told by an Israeli at the airport that this was my stop, but my hotel was nowhere in sight. I saw a mall, and dragged my bags up some stairs …

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