Evolution and Ends to a Mean

Is the common ant superior to Homo Sapiens? At first glance, certainly. A man could step on an ant just strolling down the block and not even notice. But, what is a man? We are a pattern made of cells. Most cells contain the same DNA, but their gene expression specializes them. Skin cells, liver cells etc… Each of our cells work together for the common good and they rely on eachother to sustain life. Ant hills are built much the same way. Made of individual parts (ants) that work together for the common good. Like our cells, ants are specialized. Queens, drones, soldiers, etc… But, how many cells are in the human body? Thousands? Millions? Put an average sized human into an ant hill of equivalent size, and who would come out victorious? The many Human cells would thrash about disrupting the structure of the hive, and killing many ants. But, those ant bites would add up. Eventually disrupting the mechanisms of the Human body and causing massive cell death. Think about the colony. Able to send its cells out to work. Each one communicating with the other and performing their collective tasks. Imagine your hand dissolving and trails of skin cells, each able to lift many times its own weight, swarming and doing your bidding remotely. Wait. This is misleading for one specific reason. Neurons. Our colony can’t do many of the things ants can do, but what we can do is, through minute electrical impulses, create ideas for bombs, flamethrowers, and poisons. Our imagination gives us a million ways to conquer the ants. No matter how big an anthill becomes, it will never invent tools or music or blu-ray DVDs. But, even if the anthill is completely destroyed, as long as the queen and a few drones survive, it can grow back. A neat trick, sure. But all we need is one woman and one sperm. Although, since we require a woman, that would be like a queen ant requiring an entire other ready-made ant hill to reproduce.

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