False Prophets, Trembling and Brave at the Crossroads.

First, the darkness. Waves of sweat alternate with heat. A swoon. Frantic grabbing from uncertainty like a drowning man. First, you always see darkness. A slate-board universe. black upon black upon blackness. You wait for that pinpoint. Everyone tells you that its coming. Wait! Is it there? nothing in the deep hollow. more dark from before time. Its the vast that waits for you. Eyes cannot see. Teeth cannot crunch. But here it is. Soft and inviting as a killer’s glove. I can hear them breathing now. Pale whispers like dying stars in the void. Dripping teeth and heat again. Each time growing. The softest voices muffled and wrapped in velvet. Then suddenly a flash. The first pain! The pain of Lucifer’s fall. A spear to the ribs. Quick tears and the dark is only a memory. Fading like lonesome tail lights from the hitchhiker’s view. More colors now and handshakes all around. The champagne pops and the banner reads : It’s a Boy!

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