The Human Condition

Why? Evil is perpetrated by man daily. Minor deeds, unnoticed and self-serving. What can be done to stop it? Remove the people in power actively pursuing thier evil goals? Remove the people who ignorantly stifle reform with talk? Doing so makes you the evil one in thier place. And if that was accomplished, another would take thier place. How do you define one person’s worth to rule others? Who would then be worthy? There IS good in each of us. But it is entwined with an innate evil. Power is evil, and yet necessary. Who determines what evil is? It fills my conciousness with rage and confusion. I imagine those who have wronged not only me, but many others, removed from power and punished. Where do you draw the line? What punishment is sufficient? The one who seeks them out and punishes them becomes them. Happy sheep or miserable wolves. Neither path is appealing, but inaction preserves the current status. And we all know that is wrong. If the machines ever take over, let them be. It means that we have won.

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