Your Path IS the Tao

Balance. That is the key to existence. Good/evil, hot/cold… Balance is stasis, and stasis is peace. Everything in the universe is striving for that peak. Precarious and glimpsed for a moment, before we are driven to one side or another by another imbalance. Hot water, if left out, will return to room temperature; the same with cold.
What is the only thing, touching us all and not seeking balance? Time. Time is linear and ONE WAY. Time moves forward and carries all things with it. It imparts its own imbalance to all things. The solution to the universe is balance of this force. Eastern philosophies call this taming the savage blade. Western philosophies refer to prescience. Meditation is an attempt to see all available possibilites at any given instant. This NIRVANA can only be achieved with the balance of time.
We can push back against the time-river’s torrent. Through supplication and meditation. Bend like a reed against its driving force and let it rush past you and, when the time is right, push back.
The state you can achieve when time balance is attained is omnipotence. Moving neither forwards or backwards in time frees you from all bonds. Without times insistance, you are free to learn all the knowledge of the universe. When time does not unbalance everything, everything will have a chance at attaining universal stasis. When the clock stops, it needs no winding.

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