If your task manager gets stuck or unresponsive due to intensive apps and you are not able to kill the particular process, what do you do? You press ctrl alt delete to open up task manager and find the culprit. But you can kill multiple processes using a command prompt in Windows 7 how ?
Open the Command Prompt in the Administrative privileges mode and run the tasklist command, it will show you a list of all the running processes.
To kill any particular process use the Taskkill command. For example to kill Firefox, run the command as:
Taskkill /IM firefox.exe /F
where /F is used to kill the process forcefully.
You can also kill any particular process by using it’s ID, the tasklist command displays the process ID’s as well. To kill any process using it’s ID, run the command as:
Taskkill /PID 2704 /F
Now to kill multiple processes simultaneously, run the above command with the PID’s of all the processes followed by spaces
Taskkill /PID 2704 5472 4344 /F