String Theory

We exist within a vibration.
All things we see, all things we touch. The harmony humming together
; different notes within a key.
But sometimes,
in the peripheral,
one can see shadows in the space.
Our being; our very power source IS
and therefore not subject to
PHYSICAL vibration.
Look at your world. The coffee cup, the LCD screen.
Feel the constant floor beneath your feet.
Einstein doesn’t care if you hold it down, or it holds you up.
Now, look at the space between the strings
You will not see with your eyes, but the vision is there all the same.
What do you glimpse in that expanse?
Do you see a vast ocean?
Are you face to face with a giant eye,
with flecks of red from a secret fire?
But, vibration is motion!
Motion requires a start
and a finish.
Could we be at the finish line gazing back?
Or are we watching the radio-static approach of that yet to be?
Einstein says it doesn’t matter.Its all relative to the observer.
Of course, he was a very wise man.
But his hair could not lie.
If you look hard enough,
the eye is looking back!

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