A Devil's Hell is the Hamster Wheel of My Life.

Across the table, Jane was talking to me. Don’t ask me what she was saying, as I was entirely focused on the waterfall visible over her left shoulder. Watching it outside eating and spitting out the sunlight. All I wanted to do at that moment was get up, probably still in a daze, and stick my face under all that running water. Let it cover and surround my head and neck. The flowing sound all I could hear, and the motion telling me you’re not dead yet. Looking back at Jane, I smiled and nodded dumbly before changing the subject abruptly. How was your day? Do you believe in God? Anything I could think of to keep her talking. I liked it for two reasons. One, I like to hear her voice and watch her tongue roll around those perfect teeth. And, it gave me time to keep my thoughts going. If I were to say what I was thinking at this moment, I would either look foolish or ignorant; and we all know how close I am to both. I absently fingered the napkin under my glass and tried to keep up the facade. But not too hard. She talked about religion, and I just sat there jealous of fish and turtles because they could sit under waterfalls whenever they liked.
A thin moustachioed waiter showed up with a couple refills and some chips. This was a professional waiter type who had probably come out of the womb in a cascade of aprons and dirty dishes. He smiled politely and took my empty plate while glancing at his tables in our section. His gold tooth peeked out respectfully at the corner of the smile. As he walked to the next table, I looked back to my waterfall. Instead of the dancing lights and worn tile I saw only the hill-country back of an obese woman stuffed into a pink tee shirt. One roll tucking into the next as if each was trying its hardest to eat the shirt that covered them. Even her skin was hungry devouring my view of the water.
Back to Jane the theologean. Pontificating on bad drivers and the essence of one’s soul. Her complete self-illusion was biting it’s own tail and rolling down the hill of relevance. Take the parts you like she said. Throw away what you don’t. My mind floundered as I almost for one microsecond doubted the wisdom of the great master Bruce Lee. I raised one hand in a lazy taekwondo high block at the waiter.

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