The Broken Spoke

“Where can you sleep?” The question rang through my mind like too early church bells. “I’m done” I said. “I’m checking out.” With no friends, and no one owing you a favor. Where can I get some rest? The day was slow. What could I do? No money to shop with. No money to see a movie. No money to get a cup of joe out of the elements. No money is no vacancy. In these days of credit scores and white collar crime, what can a man removed aspire to? Can I hunt my own food? Build a fire and sleep under the stars like visions of old cowboy heroes? Not these days. Only thing a man will catch by the overpass is rats or gonnorhea. Drunks, lunatics, and the sane who prey on them. Is man a social animal? It must be built in. By eons of cavemen dying alone. Looking to the crest of the next dark hill for a spark that meant food or shelter. Tribes, gangs, governments. It’s an evolution of codependance. And now, born into a system unchosen and unfamiliar, I want to leave. I can swim for hours against a strong current. Feeling an adrenaline rush as my spear enters the body of a fish, and knowing that eating him feeds both my belly and my soul. I can’t even file my taxes here. I won’t even have a tax return to spend on Ray Kroc’s private joke or for lining the pale beige coffers of Buger King. Is this how we reached to the top of the food chain? And what did we find there, waiting slow and hideous? You know what was there waiting for us? Time. With no where else to go, we eat ourselves. How the mighty have fallen. A man, strong enough to kill a bear with a pocket knife sleeps on a cold bench outside the Greyhound station. In ancient Rome, he would have been a heralded gladiator. Rising on a tide of fame and blood. Here, he serves as an eyesore. He could make something of himself. He should put those talents to use! But, whats the point. Amass a fortune to be stolen by the system he despises. Smarter men than he to nickle and dime him down to a worn out chalk nub rolled under a teacher’s desk. So he drinks. And sleeps until he remembers the bear.

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