You Can't Reason With It!

You got me burnin’. A flurry of motion traced waves through the layer of smoke. Nervously, he glanced around the bar eyeing the huge number of dancing patrons. Day-glo flashes and shrieks emanated from the crowd. A man in a sleeveless T-shirt and gloves snapped at a youngish looking girl in a torn striped shirt. You got me burnin’. Mentally, Kyle removed himself from the music, and scanned the room again. You got me burnin’. He spied her sitting alone at a corner table and wondered how he had missed her before. Her tense face set in a frown told him he was the object of his journey. As he moved closer to inspect her more closely, a disturbance from the other side of the room snapped him back to reality. The dancing girl screamed as a tall man behind her pulled a gigantic pistol from inside his leather coat. With calculated movements, the man had a laser on Sarah almost before Kyle could even move. He seemed to be watching himself from the outside as his training kicked in, and Kyle reflexively brought his own sawed-off 12 gauge to hip level. The shots were almost simultaneous, but Kyle’s struck first, and knocked the tall man back a couple feet. At this point, hysteria set in rampantly as the clubgoers stampeded for the nearest exit. The tall man still standing fired again. Incredibly, he missed his mark and another dancer hit the floor in a heap. Closer this time, Kyle fired at the tall man again and the powerful blast grounded him. Fighting his way upstream past the fleeing customers, Kyle grabbed the blonde by the arm. “Come with me if you want to live!” Without waiting for an answer, he had her out the back door just as the tall man was getting to his feet.

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