We moved closer to the lakeshore.

We moved closer to the lakeshore. (Me in a tshirt and boxers and she was all the way gone). I was trying to grab her and take her into the small tent that had almost beaten me earlier in the day. She looked like a fine race horse all legs up to that pale flank. As she ran faster it made me feel jealous to see her in a mad abandon. Here I am worrying about stepping on a broken bottle or even a sharp rock and she flys through the undergrowth like a native. When we emerged, the moon had cleared us a path all the way down to the water, and I heard the waves. If someone had been watching, they would have called the police on the crazed maniac who chased young women from the campground into a mad panicking gallop towards the water.For a moment I was distracted by the sounds of a beast farther down the shore. Its forlorn cry cut deep into my mind, and for that second I remembered the day spent in a ball at the back of my house because the world seemed hopeless and my insatiable hunger twisted the mind in ways that no drug could ever approach. Tightening my stomach muscles and taking a hard swallow, I gazed at the open sand. She was a tiny speck now way out in the water splashing like a river spirit and laughing with all the happiness in the world. I have always been a good swimmer, but with the freezing water and strong current, I barely made it out before I was good and numb to the core. I reached out and splashed some water on her beautiful hair. Now THAT was a good laugh. The straightness seemed to run out of it like washing paint from a brush. With the hair sticking straight out and up she looked even more wild than before. As we embraced, something rubbed against my leg in the darkness and scared the hell outta me. Nature has a funny way of always being there. You look at our big cities and pollution and global warming and say “Hey, were killing this planet.” But in reality we can’t kill it anymore than a flea can kill a lion. It is millions of years old, and has become apathetic towards us and our big power trip. But its gonna take a hell of a lot more than we got to destroy this big rock. “Hell” I say. “Let’s hit the shore” and we take off, racing, like years ago in summer camp. She wraps her little arms around my neck, and I’m pulling her in like a tugboat. And she just lies there on my back feeling the strength and heat from my effort. She says that she is an intellectual and appearance is of no consequence. Once just to prove it, she ran off for 3 days and had sex with a fat, bookish looking boy. I said that proved nothing other than she’s a whore, but secretly I didn’t mind. He looked like a virgin, and I think that she made that man happier than all the money in the world ever could. When I can touch the slimy bottom, I’m exhausted from swimming for two, and I find a grassy slope and stretch out looking into the cosmos. She said that she wanted to smoke, and went to fetch the pot out of my small backpack in the tent. I just lay there in the starshine and took it all in. By the time she got back, I was already dreaming of endless prairies and the ghosts of a thousand Indians. 

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