Strange nights recently

Strange nights recently. Sometimes I fall asleep drunk and have no dreams. It makes me nervous when I awake. Or am I still dreaming? All this from a guy who pushes old people and screams at babies. 
It all starts with an imbalance. Somewhere up there, in a brain cell, the cell wall separates some ions. All these ions desparate to get into the cell, and only the well connected ones get in. Suddenly there is a riot. A gun goes off, and in the panic, everyone rushes inside for shelter. That riot spreads like the enlightenment. Down my neck. Down my back. Down those old legs that started kicking at birth. And into the feet that start walking away from the city. Its not their fault. Those good ol’ shit kicking feet. In dirty cowboy shoes. Sometimes I think everyone else is crazy and I’m the sane one. Looking for life in the city, when the city is where everyone goes to die. Just bite into it like an orange and make a complete mess of things. Then lay down in the dust and let the centuries take me. But I’m not the sane one. My doctor said this kind of thinking is unhealthy. 

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