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Lifecycle of a Wall - 2017 - Aurelio Galfetti

Change is the only constant in a digital world.

Software is being developed, becoming obsolete, and being used in ways never imagined by those who created it. Inside our own professional Estates, rapid change makes security a challenge even for the most experienced engineers.

Cambio LTD can give you true visibility into the risk posture of your business networks. We not only enumerate exposed services, but identify and quantify the resulting vulnerabilities.

What does that mean for you?

Contextualizing risk is just as important as finding it in the first place, if not more so. If risks are found and mis-handled it is worse than not knowing about them at all. We can help you prioritize remediation, using real-time threat intelligence. This will give you the power to make informed decisions about risk and minimize financial and legal exposure to malicious actors.

Once your security machine is in proper order, and threats are being addressed in a timely manner,  we will monitor your perimeter for any subsequent changes and alert you.

This is simple, easy, and effective true security for your enterprise.