Our Service Offerings...

At Cambio LTD, we strive to provide a curated experience to meet and exceed all your AppSec and Perimeter Security needs. To this end, we offer the following services. If you don't see something here, please speak with us to see if we can recommend a solution to solve your problem. We have over a decade of Network and Application security, so we'd love to let our experience work for you.

Manual and Dynamic Penetration Testing

Most discount pentesting services will simply employ a dynamic scan and call it a day. This does not detect logic errors or 0 day vulnerabilities. This level of penetration testing can still leave your business vulnerable to legal recourse in the event of a data breach.

We combine both Dynamic scans and the expertise of manual pentesters with decades of experience in the industry. With this dual headed approach, you can be sure that the data you receive is 100% accurate and validated by a human being. You can be assured that your infrastructure is as secure as you need it to be, and there will be no nasty surprise incident calls at 3 AM.

Perimeter Visibility and Service Enumeration

Many insiders approach security from the inside of the perimeter. Of course there are processes, proceedures, and governance in place (right?), but things inevitably slip through the cracks. We will tell you with absolute certainty the live systems on your perimeter, and exactly what is running on them during the engagement. This gives you true visibility into what an actual hacker would see when approaching you as a target.

Custom Contextualized Vulnerability Reporting

These tests will invariable turn up some kind of vulnerability. So, what does that mean to you? Our specialty is a post engagement follow-up with your business leaders to build a contextualized report for you. This allows you to see True Risk from your findings. This includes : Lost revenue, SLA breaches, Regulatory risk, Strategic customers and several other metrics to let you prioritize remediation and present your case internally.

Continuous Perimeter Monitoring and Alerting

Once the initial (or annual) pentest engagement is complete, we offer on-going continuous monitoring of your perimeter to alert you to changes that could represent risk to you. This includes new/changed/decommed hosts in your IP space, new services, rogue web servers, and expiring or invalid SSL certificates.

Alerts can be generated and sent to any number of recipients. We also allow access to this via API for automated consumption internally.