The Cambio LTD Bounty Program


At Cambio LTD, we are security professionals first and foremost. We take pride in our work, and practice what we preach.

Our Website Can and Should Be Tested Regularly

Please feel free to scan our Domain with the tool of your choice. (LOIC is cheating!)

We believe that our site is as secure as possible. If you have found a bug, or are able to compromise the webserver :

a: Contact us @

Please include contact info so that we can reply promptly. If there is a true bug on the site, we don't want it sitting around for long.

b: We'll need proof of course.

This can be a Unique Key planted in the filesystem and/or steps to recreate the bug. Of course if the bug is bad enough to crash the sytem, we'd like to simply be informed of it first. If you don't trust us, and you think we'll simply fix it first without paying, take a screenshot first for evidence.


If the bug truly exists, we'll pay you 50$ to the BTC address of your choice.

That's it. No nonsense involved. Just simple rewards for helping us have a more secure site.

We don't store ANY customer info on our webservers including visitation logs! The web servers aren't even in the same data center as our operations center, so please don't be concerened about any privacy or data breaches! This is simply a marketing and communication tool (one of many) between our company and potential clients. All data is secured and encrypted away from these servers.